450E Series Angle AEngines are a critical component to consider when buying a push mower. That’s because ease of starting, durability and power directly impact lawn mower performance. With a busy life, you rely upon the engine to start when you need it and deliver the performance to get the job done. We offer a complete line of easy-starting engines with the power to cut tall, thick grass. That’s why 9 out of the top 10 brands of push mowers choose Briggs & Stratton engines to power their equipment.

small-generatorEstablished in 1908, Briggs & Stratton has over 100 years experience in manufacturing engines and engine powered equipment. This heritage has helped Briggs & Stratton develop into the brand of choice for outdoor power equipment. Today, Briggs & Stratton is the worlds leading manufacturer of generators and pressure washers. We design and manufacture a wide range of power products to meet the needs of our customer, whether it is for occasional home use or heavy professional usage. The Briggs & Stratton brand is renowned for delivering consistent performance and high quality. It is a name you can trust when choosing your power equipment.

small-ride-onNeed a little help taming your yard? No worries. A Murry rideon mower will cut your lawn down to size in no time. Powered by leading edge Briggs & Stratton engines, you can count on Murry Rideons to take on your yard’s biggest jobs.

small-lawnmower-partsMaintenance is critical to keeping your engine and power equipment running at its peak performance. Regular maintenance will ensure easy starting, maximum power, and benefit the environment by keeping emissions low.

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